[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: Exciting Guatemala Comparisons and New Ethiopiques.

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Does anyone know or have an opinion/recommendation on the Phoenix ORO Roaster?  I need to replace my hotop and was looking for a roaster that would roaster about a lb. efficiently.   

    On Thursday, September 14, 2017 6:25 PM, Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee <byron at sweetmarias.com> wrote:

 Hey Everyone!
Here's some exciting new coffees. Guatemala Volcan Acatenango Typica is a
great opportunity for you to compare and contrast Typica and Bourbon since
we are also offering Bourbon that comes from the same farm (Acatenango San
Diego Buena Vista).

Ethiopiques Version 2.0 is like the original but with a good amount of dry
processed coffees.

- *Costa Rica Helsar Miguel Rojas <https://goo.gl/YyW8Lk>* - Subtle
top-note complexity in the cool cup, cinnamon stick, apple, pear,
malic-like acidity tying it all together. Dense sweetness light to dark.
Great for espresso.
- *Costa Rica Tarrazu La Casona 1900 <https://goo.gl/MkNwyX>* - This
coffee's aromatic profile is so sweet and spiced, and the cup has an array
of clean fruit notes. Acidity is brilliant, like raspberry juice, which
cuts through a base of caramelized sugar sweetness. Fades to a cocoa/dark
chocolate finish. SO Espresso.
- *El Salvador Naranjos -La Divina Providencia <https://goo.gl/ysq7u1>* -
Malic-like acidity impressions are subtle but structuring, along with brown
sugar and roasted almond, dried green apple, and bittering cocoa powder.
Incredible body. Great espresso.
- *Guatemala Volcan Acatenango Typica <https://goo.gl/QbFyXd>* - An
interesting opportunity to taste Typica separation from Guatemala - only
300 lbs! Turbinado sugar-caramel sweetness, tea notes, sweet citrus,
mandarin, Turkish apricot, and lemon zest. Good espresso.
- *Ethiopia Gera Jimma SWP Decaf
<https://www.sweetmarias.com/product/ethiopia-gera-jimma-swp-decaf>* - Body
and sweetness are big in Gera Jimma decaf, liquid brown sugar, fruit juice,
and more. Notes of toasted carob, corn syrup, doughy sweet bread, and peach
and pear accents. Good espresso or blend base.
- *Sweet Maria's Ethiopiques Version 2.0 <https://goo.gl/JsxUib>* - Dark
berry tones start to really unfold beyond City+ - dehydrated blueberry and
cranberry, blackberry juice, huckleberry tea, and coated in dark chocolate
syrup. Espresso!

*Byron Dote*

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