[Homeroast] strange problem with checkout on sweetmarias.com

Claus Thøgersen thoeglist at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 00:40:33 CDT 2017


A few weeks back I tried to order coffees, but ran into a strange problem. I could place orders in the basket with no problems. When I then would go to checkout I was asked to login, an logged on to my sm account. Now comes the problem. When I from the basket activated go to checkout, I am told that there are no items in my basket, but if I go and look at the basket again,  there are a number of coffees in the basket. I have ordered with this account after the system was upgraded last.
I asked sm and was adviced to insure cookies is enabled intthe browser and delete temperary files in the browser. However this did not solve the problem.
I have tried on 3 different machines 2 running Windows10 and the third running Windows7.  and both tried with iE, Firefox and Chrome but no luck.
I could try to create a new account as the last  solution I can think of. I live outside the US, and that could maybe somehow cause the problem?


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