[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: Eight great new coffees & Polar Expresso returns.

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Thu Nov 16 19:07:44 CST 2017

Hey Everyone!
We just added eight great new coffees from Papua New Guinea, Guatemala,
Honduras, Rwanda, El Salvador and Kenya. We also brought bak our Polar
Expresso Holiday blend. Enjoy!

- *Papua New Guinea Kainantu Sero <https://goo.gl/PgmQvr>* - Layers of
molasses sugars and fruit fill out the brew of middle roasts, golden
raisin, fig, sucanat, turbinado, rice syrup, and coconut. Herbaceaous Thai
Basil accent.
- *Sweet Maria's Polar Expresso Holiday Blend <https://goo.gl/iitzdr>* -
Short shots of Polar Expresso have velvety smooth mouthfeel, distilled high
% cacao bar, lush berry, citrus peel, grape, and a flavor similar to those
chocolate-orange holiday candies. High level of sweetness, and a complexity
that only African coffees can produce.Great espresso.
- *Rwanda "Milles Collines" Peaberry <https://goo.gl/7KQpjK>* - Flavors of
herbal and black teas, clove spice, Rooibos, caramel cookie, raw cane
juice, molasses, and a dark berry note. Good for Espresso.
- *Guatemala Acatenango Gesha Lot #209 <https://goo.gl/vhrX1u>* - Lot #209
has "fresh" aromatics, jasmine and gardenia florals, pearl and Assam tea,
clean sugar sweetness, lemon water, mandarin orange, bubble gum, and peach
hard candy.
- *Honduras Tierra del So*l <https://goo.gl/DZTa6p> - Full City roasts of
Tierra del Sol highlight rich dark chocolate flavors, fecks of cinnamon,
dried prune, and candied citrus notes accenting the cup. Wonderful
chocolate orange flavor as espresso. Good for espresso.
- *El Salvador Finca Cartagena Bourbon <https://goo.gl/16Av3J>* - Dense
sweetness in this all Bourbon coffee, brown sugar and honey wheat, almond
syrup, chocolate brownie mix, and cocoa dusted pretzel. This one's made for
- *Kenya Nyeri Kiaga AB <https://goo.gl/oZQ1bj>* - Acidity shows most
intensity at City/City+ roasts, with subtle caramel sweetness, golden plum,
raspberry spritzer, lemon grass tea, and apple juice.
- *Kenya Othaya Mahiga AB <https://goo.gl/pmpydW>* - Tart and dark fruit
notes are showcased in brews of Mahiga AB, floral blueberry, blood orange,
grape juice, and red punch. Delicious fruited sweetness and heady aroma.

*Byron Dote*

Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.

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