[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: Get ready for new coffee overload

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Thu Nov 9 19:00:38 CST 2017

Hello there. If you have a hard time making decisions when a lot of great
choices are put out the table, it's time to focus in because we just added
ten awesome new coffees.

- *Costa Rica Helsar Eliomar Lopez <https://goo.gl/s85ED9>* - Eliomar Lopez
is a crowd pleasing coffee, core sweetness that's sure to please a wide
audience, and for the roaster, a relatively forgiving coffee to roast.
Sweet nut tones, milk chocolate, marzipan, and hazelnut spread. "Classic"
toned espresso.
- *Colombia Honey Process Buesaco <https://goo.gl/umPHJH>* - Should appeal
to lovers of dry process coffees, a fruit-forward cup, cranberry juice,
tart goji, blueberry, dried strawberries, and fig jam. High level of
sweetness and body.
- *El Salvador La Esperanza Bourbon <https://goo.gl/Ne8XzC>* - La Esperanza
has a unique herbal side that finds harmony with layered raw sugar
sweetness. Molasses sugars, basil, sweet bell pepper, licorice, and celery
soda were noted in our cups.
- *Guatemala Xinabajul Dón Axel <https://goo.gl/D2C1SW>* - Don Axel's
coffee is complex at a wide roast range, apple sauce with cinnamon, dried
currant, sugar coated almond, blackberry, and a dark cocao/carob flavor.
Good for espresso.
- *Guatemala Xinabajul Floridel de Pena <https://goo.gl/3HF3eG>* - Light
roasts produce tart and delicate cups, green apple, lemon peel, raw sugar
and almond. Deeper roasts have a base flavor of buttery brown sugar and
dark chocolate, with red apple malic impressions.
- *Guatemala Acatenango Ottoniel Farm <https://goo.gl/hgtjXo>* - Dark brown
sugar, creamy nut tones, and silky body are demonstrated best around Full
City roast level, and Ottoniel Farm is a great option for those who prefer
chocolate bittersweetness that comes with darker roasting. Good for
- *Ethiopia Dry Process Yirgacheffe Janbar <https://goo.gl/vbE1QJ>* -
Janbar is an intense brew, so fruited and sweet, with a clarity that sets
it apart from your standard dry process coffee. Mixed fruit jams, lychee,
apricot nectar, with tea-like and jasmine floral aromatics. Wild as
- *Kenya Nyeri Gatugi AB <https://goo.gl/41aCnX>* - Standout pour over brew
and best to keep at the lighter end of the roast spectrum. Earl Grey and
chamomile teas, bergamot orange oil, grape juice, dried cranberry, and tart
goji berry.
- *Kenya Nyeri Karogoto AB <https://goo.gl/sHtaYw>* - Karogoto is juicy at
City+, with flavors of cooked fruit, fig pudding, black currant, and a mix
of cheap dark chocolate and coconut that reminds me of Almond Joy. Good
Kenyan Espresso.
- *Sumatra Wet Processed -Atu Lintang <https://goo.gl/BeFfw6>* - This wet
processed Sumatra has juicy body, persistent flavors of baked apple, berry
compote, and grape jelly come up as your work through the coffee, a peety
note shadowing close behind, as well as woodsy earth tones.

*Byron Dote*

Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.

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