[Homeroast] Swissmar Roaster woes

Robert Yoder robotyonder at hotmail.com
Sun May 21 15:14:49 CDT 2017

Greetings, group,

A blind neighbor has been loving roasting with a Swissmar (Bravi?) Drum Roaster.

Unfortunately, the thing quit on her in mid-roast and it appears that the control board has failed.  Her husband can see no obvious bad spots.

Since this has worked so well for her, I'm wondering if anyone can offer suggestions to get her going again.

Has anyone experienced this situation? I imagined that it might be possible to build an external controller (even manual controls, for example).

I never saw the thing in operation, but have been told that the machine reverses both its drum rotation and fan direction for some events (probably end of roast and cooling/eject.

Any and all suggestions would be most welcome.

Happy Roasting!

robert yoder

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