[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: Bali Dry Process, Costa Rica, Rwanda, Sumatra & Tanzania

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Fri May 5 19:06:06 CDT 2017

Hey Everyone,
We just added some great new coffees today including a unique dry processed
coffee from Bali.

- Bali Dry Process Bangli Kintimani <https://goo.gl/Gjil4m> - This dry
process is a real fruit bomb: strawberry-rhubarb, banana chips, cherry
liqueur cake, blackberry wine, and more! Those who enjoy rich chocolate
roast tones layered in should take to Full City and beyond.
- Costa Rica Helsar Carlos Alpizar <https://goo.gl/rSri4o> - Carlos
Alpizar's coffee has granola-like flavors in light to middle roasting,
hazelnut and almond, dried apple, honey and oats. Taking toward Full City
builds heavy sugar browning notes, and cacao tones. Good for espresso.
- Rwanda Kivu Kageyo Station Lot 1 <https://goo.gl/0CZpmv> - Kageyo is
complex in light to middle roasts, cinnamon tea, sugarcane juice, vanilla
bean, and red apple. Our City+ roast showed pomelo-like acidity, dark
berry, cream soda, and baking spice.
- Sumatra Organic Mandheling-Aceh <https://goo.gl/zJrGPd> - Brooding dark
cacao notes intertwined with pulpy fruit, dried banana, lingonberry, and
mossy, forest floor-type earthiness. And herbaceous through and through.
Good for espresso
- Sumatra Lintong Pak Keisha <https://goo.gl/S9wv4C> - Sumatra Pak Keisha
has an IPA-like, hoppy aroma. Dark malt syrup, date sugar, peet, layers of
earth-toned chocolate, and a subtle Darjeeling tea note. Good for espresso.
- Tanzania Dry Process Elton Farm <https://goo.gl/eEus2v> - Ripe to rustic
fruit flavors, a brewed cup of Elton Farm shows prune and ripe blackberry,
dark cacao bittersweetness, molasses, and accents of leather and cedar.

*Byron Dote*

Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.

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