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Tue May 2 09:09:32 CDT 2017

On Mon, May 1, 2017 at 3:28 PM, Tom Ulmer wrote:
> If it isn't the Ig Nobel prize-winning pecanjim, cheers to you!

Welcome back, Jim!  I had just joined the list in 2007, in time to see
this post, which so impressed me that I archived it:

Re: Tradtion roots
"I got the idea from research in Anthropology that showed systems of
institutionalized gift giving between roles that often have conflict.
For example the first gift a new Hopi bride gives is a very generous
one to the mother of her new husband.  Since this list, like most
other email lists, often erupted into flame wars, I thought I would
attempt to institute an ongoing gift exchange ritual to try to produce
a better climate.  A few years later I assigned a content analysis
research project to students in two of my research methods courses.
Each student randomly selected fifty messages before and fifty
messages after the tradition from the list archive.  They then
classified their randomly selected messages as flame or not flame and
we tabulated the results in class.  I don't remember the exact numbers
but both sets of results were about the same and  the conclusion was
that the tradition reduced flaming to less than half the pre-tradition

Still roasting with a heat gun, 10 years later!

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