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So good to hear from you, pecanjim!!!

Roast on!

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> On May 1, 2017, at 7:29 AM, James Gundlach <pecanjim at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> About seven years ago I lost contact with this list.  The reason was that I had an encephalitis infection that damaged my brain.  When I came too I could not think of words so the first night after I regained consciousnes I went thru the alphabet by double letters and when I hit zz, I had not quite thought of 200 words.  My first conclusion was that I was brain dead and chose suicide.  Then, it occurred to me that the way I measured it was a sign that I was not completely brain dead so I decided to keep going.  Since the infection I have gone through periods of sleeping a lot and when I go back to normal sleep patterns I discover more brain functioning.  Vocabulary increases after each stage and twice I noticed taste buds had returned.  At first I was unable to roast coffee so my wife bought an electric roaster from SweetMarias.  By the time that roaster died I was able to go back to roasting over pecan wood fires.  I now use a camper’s over the fire popcorn popper most of the time but when I decided to do a larger batch than the popper will hold I put a bigger batch in a wok and put it over a bigger pecan wood fire and stir with a spoon that I added an extension to the handle so I don’t burn my stirring hand.  And, the old brain is back to being able to read a full SweetMarias coffee description!
> Anyway, today I got an email from thehomeroast-owner list and was able to come back to the list and found that I was still registered.  I am glad to be back, I really missed this list.
>     pecanjim
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