[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: Here comes a landslide of new coffees

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Fri Mar 17 18:52:03 CDT 2017

Hey Everyone. We have a lot of coffees to offer today so if you have been
waiting for a new dry processed Ethiopia, more Liquid Amber, a new Espresso
Workshop Blend, more Colombias or more Guatemalas, go find your reading

- Ethiopia Dry Process Yirga Cheffe Wenago <https://goo.gl/PZnuvi> - Wenago
is a nice late season Ethiopia, and anything but subtle: strawberry,
raspberry, red apple, stone fruit, fading to sweet tobacco and aromatic
wood notes in the long finish.
- Guatemala La Libertad Bojonalito <https://goo.gl/S5rOPV> - Bojonalito
shows toffee almond aromatics, with cup flavors of panela sugar and
vanilla, Lipton black tea, and cocoa dusted nuts. Acidity is moderate, and
dried fig and bittersweet cocoa fill the finish.
- Guatemala Xinabajul Pequeñas de Peña <https://goo.gl/NIy0Es> - City+
roasts have juicy mouthfeel, up front sweetness of buttery caramel covered
almonds, cinnamon spice, red raisin, and a leathery rustic note accenting
the finish. Nice brewed cup in the middle roasts. Good for espresso.
- Colombia Inzá Finca El Silencio <https://goo.gl/Q0diJw> - Shows a
persistent raw sugar undercurrent, honey accents, giving way to fruit notes
of mandarin orange and red apple. Dark plum and wine grape along with dark
chocolate at Full City.
- Colombia Inzá Rio Paez <https://goo.gl/yz2wlG> - A layered sweetness
emerges from a brewed cup of Rio Paez, raw honey and cane juice, along with
panela sweetened lemonade. Mild fruit complexity, and green apple acidity.
- Colombia La Plata Trujillo Microlot <https://goo.gl/NkccF8> - Trujillo is
honey sweet from City to Full City roast; apple, pear, chamomile tea, and
orange zest accents, and with a balanced bittersweet core. Wonderful filter
cone coffee.
- Workshop #41: Afiliate Romano <https://goo.gl/kO5j0H> - A melding of
bittersweet chocolate and fresh squeezed lemon are the bright spot of
Afiliate Romano; Dutch cocoa, high % cacao bar, roasted nibs, semi-sweet
chips, all cut through by tangy citric 'zing'.
- BACK IN STOCK! Sweet Maria's Liquid Amber Espresso <https://goo.gl/jXSnum>
- A potent, pungent blend for espresso beverages. It's ideal for milk
drinks, as this intense bittersweet cuts through the steamed milk. Rustic
sweetness, spice, savory notes, long aftertaste. Monsooned coffee and a
small percentage of Robusta add crema and body.

*Byron Dote*

Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.

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