[Homeroast] Anyone have opinion on Majirani Blend?

Dennis Parham dparham_is at mac.com
Tue Jun 13 19:55:53 CDT 2017

Hey everyone, Ive been trying to work out the Majirani roast  but the read is about how poppin delicious it is with  with bursts of flavor and oh so much goodness! Layered fruits and chocolate finish and I mean the good stuff!  Lol all Im getting is a very mild almost flat tasting coffee hint of lemon if I make sure to swish it around… I’ve stretched and pulled and held and pushed but at best is just mild… not like any African Ive experienced before… maybe its really finicky and has a very small window to perfection… anyway.. I’ve rested this next batch for a 4 days.. tried it along the way.. its just kind of muddy not much articulation in flavor…allot of mouth feel hints of some spice and fruit but really muted… roast times varied with this last 5lb batch  around 17mins drop at 435deg in my PRIMO  IR roaster. Decent first crack no stalling… 

Dennis P

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