[Homeroast] Iced espresso shots

Steven Van Dyke coffee at svandyke.com
Tue Jan 31 20:11:19 CST 2017

I think you may be on to something.  The iced shots are sweeter than the 
room temperature shots, implying that the sweeter flavors extract well 
at low temperatures and the sour ones start coming in as the water 
temperature rises, at least until you hit the 'right' temperature range 
and extract the additional flavors to get the correct balance.

KCSteve :->

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>I'm not a shot god, but my off-the-cuff immediate thought is that it's
>a function of the temperatures at which the various types of flavor
>oils inside the bean will be extracted.
>The target hot temperatures result in an extract of the "right" oils
>in the right concentration.  Drop it by 10, 20 degrees and you are no
>longer extracting one (or more) of the oils, and so those missing oils
>aren't there to balance out the ones that do get extracted and so the
>sour taste dominates.
>Then drop it your room-temperature or lower, and perhaps you're not
>extracting as much of the oils that produce those sour tastes.
>That's my take on it.  I could be way off base because I've not done
>any research on this and I won't since I'm quite happy with the coffee
>I get now using the methods I use now :)
>On Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 8:54 PM, Steven Van Dyke <coffee at svandyke.com> 
>>  A couple of months ago the ever-indulgent wife and I were looking 
>>  at the MiniPresso but instead we went with the Staresso 200 (the 
>>  newer version).  It's one of the crop of new portable espresso 
>>  Then this past weekend we ran across a MiniPresso locally she decided 
>>  had to get me (now you know why she's known as the ever-indulgent 
>>  Both of them work surprisingly well.  I'd say get the Staresso if 
>>  going to be using it inside, say at a hotel.  The MiniPresso is a 
>>  choice if you're going camping. Either one is enough fun to be worth 
>>  assuming you can afford to buy one just for the fun of it.
>>  They both suffer from the common problem of 'external boiler' 
>>  makers of it being very hard to get your temperature just right.  
>>There's a
>>  strong tendency for the shots to be slightly cool and come out a bit 
>>  I will admit that rather than fight the problem I just use a little
>>  sweetener to correct for it.  I never said I was a purist, I just 
>>like my
>>  coffee.
>>  BUT, the Staresso comes with the intriguing suggestion of making a 
>>shot with
>>  *ice water*.  I tried it and it's surprising in two ways:  First, 
>>it's quite
>>  good.  Second, it comes out *sweet*.
>>  I've tested it with the MiniPresso and it works the same way.  Even 
>>  just plain, room temperature water works quite well.  The shot isn't 
>>  as sweet as with ice water, but it's still pretty sweet.  Kind of 
>>  due to the (lack of) temperature, but good tasting.
>>  So my question for you shot gods is, if your water temperature being 
>>5 - 20
>>  degrees too low makes a shot sour, how come having the temperature 
>>over 100
>>  degrees low makes it sweet?
>>  Enjoy!
>>  KCSteve :->
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