[Homeroast] Rotisserie roasting

Michael Schinasi mschinasi at suddenlink.net
Sat Jan 28 00:27:01 CST 2017

Does anyone use a rotisserie for roasting?  I have been using my gas
barbecue with a mesh outdoor popcorn popper and it works pretty well. You
can roast up to around a pound of beans. But i am looking for something
that will be more automatic; I have to shake the basket back and forth for
anywhere from 20 minutes to 40.  The Rotisserie I saw has a high
temperature of 400 degrees. If I recall correctly to get to second crack
you have to get the beans to around 450 degrees. But I was wondering if the
heat builds up in the beans so even if the roaster is not getting up to 450
the beans will. I have roasted outside when it is very cold and I can't get
me grill much above 420 degrees. But that is the ambient temperature of the
grill and while it takes longer --about 40 minutes for 3/4 to 1 pound-- the
coffee still comes out tasting OK.  The other thing is that the rotisserie
rotates about 3-4 times per minute. Is that enough?  One last thing is that
the basket does not have any kind of interior rib. So I wonder if that it
will be the basket that turns but the beans will just remain on the bottom
and not actually turn over.  Any thoughts?

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