[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: Colombia, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, PNG & Sumatra.

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Fri Jan 27 20:48:44 CST 2017

This is so not fair...in the most fantastic way.  I just put an order in 
for 15 lbs of coffee yesterday....and now I've just pulled the trigger 
on 4/6 of these.  I have so been jonesing for aged sumatra.

Alchemist John

On 1/27/2017 6:36 PM, Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee wrote:
> We just added six great new coffees including a Dry Process Ethiopia.
> Enjoy!
> - Colombia Inzá -Palomos del Sur <https://goo.gl/OBvv51> - Palomos del Sur
> has an underlying caramelizing sugar sweetness, with fig and molasses
> aromatics, blackberry, apricot, and baked apple fruit notes.
> - Ethiopia Dry Process Yirga Cheffe Haricha <https://goo.gl/YfhdCW> -
> Haricha is packed with fruit flavors, strawberry, tart raspberry, apple,
> apricot, grape, mixed berries, and subtle jasmine highlight. Complex brewed
> coffee with LOTS to talk about.
> - Ethiopia Bonga Forest Mankira <https://goo.gl/sSOiyZ> - Mankira has a
> rustic, dark caramel sweetness, toasted, and bittersweet. Honey and stone
> fruits emerge as it cools, along with a woody note in the finish. Good for
> espresso.
> - Nicaragua Santa Helena Maracaturra <https://goo.gl/qC2rCL> - Simple
> sweetness of brown sugar front to back, candied pecan, subtle tea and bread
> malt notes in the finish. A refined Nicaraguan coffee.
> - Papua New Guinea Bauka Blue <https://goo.gl/itYG3U> - Bauka Blue is
> layered with turbinado, date sugar, and brown sugar flavors, with earthy
> peet to pine accents. Heavily weighted in cocoa flavors in darker roasts.
> Good for espresso.
> - Aged Sumatra Danao Toba 2011 Vintage <https://goo.gl/vAPqLu> -Aged
> Sumatra coffee is so intense: syrupy sweetness, notes of fresh herb,
> aromatic woody, black cherry, leather, black pepper...it's all there, and
> more. Extra long finish.

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