[Homeroast] Automatic Jura

Beachbums beachbumslandd at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 07:05:08 CST 2017

Hi Barry - I work at Sur la Table and I would recommend the Ena Micro 9 or if she is leaning toward the F8, the new E8 Chrome.  The Micro 9 has a small footprint and makes a good froth.  It is on clearance now so at a good price.  If she is looking in the price range of the F8, the E8 chrome is a little cheaper and makes fantastic milk drinks.  It will make a flat white that is very popular and none of the older machines makes them.  If she is close to one of our stores she can come in for a demo and try them out.


>> My daughter is interested in an automatic Jura either a Jura Capreseo EWA 3
>> or a Jura Impressa F 8. I really do not know too much about automatics. Can
>> anyone tell me about this machine? Is there a machine that is better? Where
>> is the best place to buy one and finally is it wise to consider a
>> refurbished machine? Thanks Barry

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