[Homeroast] Automatic Jura

Steven Van Dyke coffee at svandyke.com
Thu Jan 5 05:18:35 CST 2017

I had a Jura F8 for years.  Great cup of coffee in the morning and not a 
bad latte.  You will *not* get the control you get from the manual 
machines and are unlikely to ever get a perfect shot.  But you *will* 
get a really good, really consistent cup of coffee at the press of a 
couple of buttons.

My ever-indulgent wife is a big fan of getting her cup of coffee with 
minimal effort.

Now we have a DeLonghi (sp?)

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>My daughter is interested in an automatic Jura either a Jura Capreseo 
>EWA 3
>or a Jura Impressa F 8. I really do not know too much about automatics. 
>anyone tell me about this machine? Is there a machine that is better? 
>is the best place to buy one and finally is it wise to consider a
>refurbished machine? Thanks Barry
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