[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: Six New Coffees & Cascara Tea!

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Thu Aug 31 19:27:51 CDT 2017

Hello Everyone. We hope you are gearing up to have a fun and safe Labor Day
weekend. We have some great additions this week including Cascara coffee
fruit tea. Enjoy!

- *Costa Rica Chirripo Finca Jose <https://goo.gl/gcorfs>* - Mouth
cleansing brightness like black tea, apple and cinnamon stick, slight
strawberry note, and black walnut. Darker roasts of Finca Jose boast a
fruited cocoa finish.
- *El Salvador Alpina Pacamara <https://goo.gl/5GLEwV>* - Alpina has an
interesting herbal sweetness, notes of celery soda, sweet basil, and a
delightful green floral aspect. Brilliant citric acidity, and transparent
simple syrup sweetness.
- *Guatemala Huehuetenango Hoja Blanca <https://goo.gl/GcDfsU>* - Hoja
Blanca is a juicy cup, milk chocolate and toffee notes give off a
Butterfinger like aroma, with weighty fruit juice body, apple note, and
mild malic brightness. Good for espresso.
- *Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo Lot 2 <https://goo.gl/tehoCi>* - Cabrejo
is a bodied cup, brooding unrefined sugar sweetness, Mission figs and
Medjool dates, dried apple and blueberry, and a fruited cocoa note that is
dialed up with roast development. Malic brightness ties it all together.
Excellent espresso.
- *Kenya Nyeri FCS Peaberry <https://goo.gl/gnhHQX>* - This coffee is a
wild ride, flavors shifting with roast development. Notes include: Concord
grape, berry sauce, winey apple, yogurt covered cocoa beans, cane juice,
and moderate lemony acidity.
- *Tanzania Shiwanda Estate AA <https://goo.gl/nuZUJw>* - Clean cup across
our recommended roast spectrum, with notes of green tea with table sugar,
Cascara tea, red fruit, and dry spice hints. Mouth cleansing acidity.
- *Costa Rica Helsar Cascara Coffee Fruit Tea <https://goo.gl/naKQ8Z>* -
It's tea, made from coffee, and you can eat it! Yes, these dehydrated
coffee cherries are crispy, tart and sweet. No roasting necessary, just
steep a fruited tea, or use as a snack in place of dried fruit. Flavors of
hibiscus, tamarind, passion fruit, apple, raisin. With or without
sweetener, this one's great. 3 oz per bag

*Byron Dote*

Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.

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