[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: Six new ones from six different countries

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Fri Apr 14 19:18:14 CDT 2017

Hi there! We just added six new coffees from six different origins. Enjoy!

- Costa Rica Puente Tarrazu El Coral <https://goo.gl/jbU0QE> - A big bodied
cup, El Coral shows balance of light brown sugar sweetness and roasted nut
tones in the brewed coffee, notes of chocolate milk, roasted almond, and
cinnamon, Great espresso option!
- Colombia Inzá -Las Estrellas Microlote <https://goo.gl/2WYTCu> - Las
Estrellas shows mouth pleasing fruited acidit, flavors of grape, raw honey,
fresh pressed sugarcane juice, and delicious flavors of baking spiced
chocolate bar and rum raisin pudding at Full City. Good for espresso.
- India Arabica Kohinoor AA <https://goo.gl/RV8FMW> - Kohinoor AA is a
medium bodied coffee, mild acid and clean sweetness of a Central American
coffee, but with unique sweet herbal notes like Ricola and fresh mint that
make it stand out. Balanced brew in middle roasts.
- Kenya Othaya Farmers AA <https://goo.gl/SzUWgn> - Othaya Farmers AA is a
fruit-forward cup, papaya, ruby red grapefruit, blackberry, and more.
Chocolate roast tones in the cool cup, with layers of fruited notes, and
moderate citric acidity.
- Rwanda Rulindo -Tumba Station <https://goo.gl/g8wppO> - Tumba brews with
layers of dark sugar in middle roasts: sorghum syrup, muscovado, date
sugar, and more. Cinnamon stick, dried berry, and cedar plank accents. Good
for espresso.
- Timor Leste Lacao Village <https://goo.gl/CLwdBY> - Red raisin and honey
wheat aromatics, baked banana bread, roasted nut and grain notes, Yerba
Mate tea. Darker roasting brings out bittersweetness.

*Byron Dote*

Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.

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