[Homeroast] Chemex filters

Hank Arnold hankarnold at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 07:28:17 CDT 2016

> Iit's not that they're lighter, or thinner, as per my scale they both
> weigh in at 5 grams, but the new filter is a 'tighter' weave, it's
> smoother, not as rough a finish.  I haven't brewed with them yet, but I
> doubt there will be much difference, as it's not like they're as thin as a
> common cone filter.


Has anyone noticed that Chemex filters seem thinner now?
> I just bought a new box of the brown filters and they seem to have a
> different composition and are much thinner than the old ones. The packaging
> changed too.
> Haven't noticed yet. Most recent boxes are still on the shelf. Ours are the
> bleached ones though. What's the packaging difference?
> Jason

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