[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: Five new ones including a DIY blend

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Fri Oct 28 20:43:29 CDT 2016

Hello Everyone.
Here's five new coffees including a very "do it yourself" type blend. Have
a great weekend and a safe and happy Halloween.

- Honduras San Antonio -Las Botijas <https://goo.gl/bxtCp1> - Las Botijas
has spiced banana bread aroma and flavors of caramel, almond, and dark
cocoa - like Mars bar. Great at medium to dark roast levels. Good for
- Guatemala Antigua Pulcal Inteligente <https://goo.gl/ILWP4T> - Raw sugar
to honey sweetness, apple like acidity, orange oil, black tea, and high %
cacao. A superb brewed coffee across the roast spectrum. Good for espresso.
- Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Kebele Kochore Lot 2 <https://goo.gl/tIakNX> -
Kebele Kochore shows fresh florals up front, with mandarin, red grapefruit
citrus notes, and raw cane juice sweetness. Deeper roasting brings out
grape juice, rue, and dark cocoa. Good Ethiopian espresso.
- Ethiopia Agaro -Duromina Cooperative <https://goo.gl/a5eB4h> - Duromina
is a sweet and fruited cup, peach and mango nectars, Concord grape, and a
subtle lemon tea high note. Burned caramel, bergamot, layered chocolate and
dark fruits notes in middle roasts. Good for espresso.
- Costa Rica Helsar -Magdalena Vega <https://goo.gl/q4kXtd> - Archetypal
"Costa Rica" cup; balanced, restrained, clean finish. Raw sugar sweetness,
highlighted by notes of apple and mulling spice. Great brewed cup.
- DIY Blend Kit 6-pack <https://goo.gl/ATbgoF> - Go for a nice two-bean
blend, or something more complicated. Blend before or after roasting. Build
a sweetness-driven cup, wild at the edges, or a full on fruit basket. This
is your masterpiece, so it's all up to you!

*Byron Dote*

Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.

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