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I too use the GF at full temp setting (482F) for about 14-15 minutes depending on the ambient in the room.  And, I am also after those bright qualities from east African coffees.

The question I have is how to manage moisture content.  I remember reading on the SM website that one needs to consider moisture content in their roast.  That is, that the roast should lose about 15% in weight due to moisture loss.

1) Do I have this right?
2) If so, how does this play a role in the roasting advice we've been discussion on this thread?

I've used this advice as a guide for all my roast processes and this has resulted in driving these to be faster and higher temp.  For example, I use am iRoast2 for my east African coffee roasting.  I roast small batches (140g) in about 7-8 minutes using a 3 temperature profile.  In this way, I get the bright results noted above and the weight loss is kept to a minimum.

But, I'm still not sure about all of this so would appreciate some advice.



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Hi fellow roasters - I have a Gene Cafe drum roaster that I typically set to 440F and roast anywhere from 20-27 minutes depending on what SW's suggests on the bag of green that I order. I don't roast Expresso so typically I'm doing City to FC+.

My question is what other GC users are using as a typical temperature or roast time. I'm asking because the other day I was in a Toronto coffee shop that had roasted some Ethiopian that tasted almost citrus with a splash of coffee. I've roasted tons of Ethiopian but never achieved that bright of an end product. FYI the bean they roasted was Alemu Bukato which I've never roasted.

Thoughts or guidance?



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