[Homeroast] Gene Cafe question

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Tue Oct 11 16:43:34 CDT 2016

I roast 230 gram batches at a fixed 455F setting.  I used to follow 
Tom's recommendation of 482 to 1st crack then drop the temp, but I have 
not found a significant difference in roast, or maybe I'm not too 
particular. I watch the roast through 1st crack, then hit the cooldown 
when I think the beans are almost done (goal for me is to roast just up 
to but not including any 2nd cracks, unless I am doing French roast).  
It typically takes around 15 minutes, but depends on ambient 
temperature.  I love my Gene roaster!


On 08.10.2016 14:01, Jackson Shaw wrote:
> Hi fellow roasters - I have a Gene Cafe drum roaster that I typically 
> set
> to 440F and roast anywhere from 20-27 minutes depending on what SW's
> suggests on the bag of green that I order. I don't roast Expresso so
> typically I'm doing City to FC+.
> My question is what other GC users are using as a typical temperature 
> or
> roast time. I'm asking because the other day I was in a Toronto coffee 
> shop
> that had roasted some Ethiopian that tasted almost citrus with a splash 
> of
> coffee. I've roasted tons of Ethiopian but never achieved that bright 
> of an
> end product. FYI the bean they roasted was Alemu Bukato which I've 
> never
> roasted.
> Thoughts or guidance?
> Tia,
> Jackson
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