[Homeroast] Gene Cafe question

Jackson Shaw jackson.shaw at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 13:01:39 CDT 2016

Hi fellow roasters - I have a Gene Cafe drum roaster that I typically set
to 440F and roast anywhere from 20-27 minutes depending on what SW's
suggests on the bag of green that I order. I don't roast Expresso so
typically I'm doing City to FC+.

My question is what other GC users are using as a typical temperature or
roast time. I'm asking because the other day I was in a Toronto coffee shop
that had roasted some Ethiopian that tasted almost citrus with a splash of
coffee. I've roasted tons of Ethiopian but never achieved that bright of an
end product. FYI the bean they roasted was Alemu Bukato which I've never

Thoughts or guidance?



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