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Seems Duranium burrs versus standard steel burrs (possibly) to improve cup
isn't the issue. Reasons stated for replacing all have to do with usage
(perceived) convenience not potential cup quality improvement. 

Personally I wouldn't switch from an SJ dosered (with either type burrs) to
any of the 3 posited. While all 3 might be more convenient all at the
expense of lower cup quality and all needing to do a substantial purge for
1st shot in a session else mucho stale grinds in PF and even lower cup
quality. But then when I still used an SJ at home was strictly singled dosed
no hopper using the "doser" aka grinds dispenser which enabled minimal
grinds retention being able to brush the feed path throat and doser with
tape mod clean sweep and snozzola mod for near straight down to PF and the
thwacking while grinding near zero clumping and hence maximized cup quality.
Did same later with Major. (Which was a cup quality upgrade) But nothing can
compare at home for single dosing ultimate grind quality with virtually zero
retention to Kafetek Monolith, 68mm conical or 75mm Titanium coated flat
take your pick. (I picked both :-)

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I'm looking to replace my Mazzer Super Jolly.  Of course, whatever I replace
it with needs to be something durable that can consistently produce a
quality grind and is easy to adjust.  I have a red La Spaziale Dream that
I'll be pairing it with.  My budget is $1000, shipped.

My primary reasons for upgrading are:

* Get rid of the doser
* Less mess and cleanup
* Smaller hopper
* Auto dosing

So... lay it on me.  :)

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