[Homeroast] Flair espresso maker

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Tue Nov 1 18:04:59 CDT 2016

c)    Only the frame is aluminum.  The tube is stainless steel.

On 11/1/2016 11:17 AM, Jeffrey Pawlan wrote:
> Although attractive looking, it is not much of an improvement over the 
> AeroPress except that it incorporates a lever.
> 1. His argument that the (unnamed) AeroPress is inferior because you 
> cannot heat the brewing chamber is very poor from an engineering point 
> of view.
>   a)  The plastic tube of the AeroPress does not conduct heat so the 
> hot water poured into it will actually remain mostly at temperature.
>   b)  The stainless tube of the Flair does not conduct heat well and 
> is not thick so it will not contribute much to the brew temperature 
> stability.
>   c)  He mentions aluminum.  If the inside of the tube or the plunger 
> is aluminum, Then sorry, I do not want aluminum in contact with my 
> coffee or any heated food.
> 2.  I have carried the AeroPress in my suitcase around the world and 
> made my own coffee in my hotel room at least 70 times. It was always a 
> time sink. I had to also carry an electric immersion heater and a 
> digital thermometer with a thermocouple. When I was done, I had to 
> clean the AreoPress components in the bathroom sink.  The Flair would 
> require the same steps.
> Regards,
> Jeffrey Pawlan
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