[Homeroast] Flair espresso maker

Jeffrey Pawlan jpawlan at pawlan.com
Tue Nov 1 13:17:12 CDT 2016

Although attractive looking, it is not much of an improvement over the 
AeroPress except that it incorporates a lever.
1. His argument that the (unnamed) AeroPress is inferior because you 
cannot heat the brewing chamber is very poor from an engineering point 
of view.
   a)  The plastic tube of the AeroPress does not conduct heat so the 
hot water poured into it will actually remain mostly at temperature.
   b)  The stainless tube of the Flair does not conduct heat well and is 
not thick so it will not contribute much to the brew temperature stability.
   c)  He mentions aluminum.  If the inside of the tube or the plunger 
is aluminum, Then sorry, I do not want aluminum in contact with my 
coffee or any heated food.

2.  I have carried the AeroPress in my suitcase around the world and 
made my own coffee in my hotel room at least 70 times. It was always a 
time sink. I had to also carry an electric immersion heater and a 
digital thermometer with a thermocouple. When I was done, I had to clean 
the AreoPress components in the bathroom sink.  The Flair would require 
the same steps.


Jeffrey Pawlan

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