[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: Four from Guatemala, PNG and Tanzania

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Fri May 13 21:21:56 CDT 2016

Hello Everyone,
It's Friday the 13th and lucky you, we just added four great new coffees.
Enjoy and have a great weekend!

- Guatemala Cuilco -Villatoro y Lopez Microlot <https://goo.gl/kpY1vv> -
Complex fruit flavors -marmalade, dark fruits, tart berry- with amazing
acidity, especially for the region. Juicy fruits, dense caramel, and citrus
brilliance. Great for espresso..
- Papua New Guinea Kainantu Sero <https://goo.gl/7kwdww> - Sero makes for a
fruit juice laden cup, buoyant body, and tea-like acidity. Notes of
pineapple, fresh fig, coconut water, spiced grape, citrus rind, and
tea-like acidity. A wild espresso.
- Tanzania Mbozi -Thadeo Station <https://goo.gl/kcqQlV> - A cup with
brooding sweetness, raw sugar flavors balancing Baker's cocoa tones. Peach
tea and mild citrus accent the cup, and Full City develops a rich cacao bar
- Guatemala Finca Rosma SWP Decaf <https://goo.gl/XWRQpI> - Burned sugar
and vanilla syrup aroma, berry muffin, roasted barley, cacao bar with
macadamia nut. A proper representation of the non-decaf counterpart. Good
for espresso.

*Byron Dote*

Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.

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