[Homeroast] ARRRGH! My Quest broke! Now fixed, but a confession

Frank Parth fparth at me.com
Mon May 9 10:06:43 CDT 2016

I have a fair selection of tools in my garage, so I was able to find the small metric tools to do the replacement of the heating elements. It took about 10 days to get them shipped from Asia.

Since there were no directions I kind of felt my way through the process, disassembling things carefully. I finally realized that it’s just the back lower panel that has to come off to get access to the tiny nuts buried in the wiring. Those tiny nuts are what hold the heating elements in place. Unfortunately my hands were not small enough to get in there easily. It took over an hour to take out the old elements and replace them. 

As I was starting to put things back together I realized that I had re-installed one of the old heating elements instead of a new one. So I took a deep breath, dug back in, took out the old one and put in a new element.

Feeling very pleased with myself I put everything back together after doing a thorough cleaning of all the parts. I plugged the power cord into the Quest and turned it on. Nothing, Nada. No heat, no power, nothing. 

After a few choice words I just left it and figured I’d deal with it when I returned from my trip to the Middle East. 

Got back home two weeks later and went back into the garage planning to take the Quest apart again and see what I screwed up. When looking at it carefully (glass of single malt in hand), I noticed the male end of the power cord wasn’t plugged into the wall. Geez, it couldn’t be that easy could it? I couldn’t have been that stupid, could I? 

Plugged it into the wall and voila! Everything works perfectly. Roasted a pound of Yirga Cheffe. 

I haven’t been to confession in a long time so I thought I would unburden myself to the list. Thanks for reading. I feel better now.


> On Mar 31, 2016, at 10:36 AM, Dhananjaya <djgarcia at improbablystructuredlayers.net> wrote:
> Hi Frank,
> Like Barry I went through a similar experience last year. Here are my comments from the time:
> It was a bit of a pain. I don't have any photos - too busy trying to figure out how to get things out properly. I do remember
> thinking "Why don't they make these wiring to the elements longer so you could unscrew them outside" - I was having problems
> reaching in to get the nut off. Then I saw that one side (the one I would have a problem with) was long enough to draw the element
> out while wired and then remove the nut, and the other one I was able to undo the nut while attached. Also IIR I did not have to
> remove other electrical parts, which I thought I would at first.
> Unfortunately I'm at that age where I remember taking them out, but details are very foggy. IIR I believe I only had to remove the
> outer circle screws at the front, not the inner ones. And of course I had to remove the lower back panel.
> Good luck! If I did it, you surely can, but you'll need a little patience.
> DJ
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> Thanks, Barry.
> I?ll try that. I?m fairly handy with tools so we?ll see how it goes. 
>> On Mar 30, 2016, at 5:03 PM, Barry Luterman <lutermanb at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Coffee shrub has the replacement coils. Replace both. It is hard to do. Mike McGiness helped me. He got it done. If the coils are
> out of stock you can get them from Taiwan. They are cheap and take only about a week or ten days  to get them. 
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