[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: Six new ones with a lot of variety

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Fri Mar 25 19:53:28 CDT 2016

Hey Everybody,
We just added six great new coffees. If you seek variety, we have you

- Brazil Sul de Minas -Sitio Rocinha <https://goo.gl/ySSNyD> - Sitio
Rocinha has wonderful fruit tones in aroma and flavor with caramel-covered
almond, dried cherry, dark berry and melon hints. Cocoa, almond, and spice
notes long in the finish. Great for espresso.
- Rwanda Rusizi Gashonga Coop <https://goo.gl/3zm1S6> - Top note complexity
while remaining extremely balanced. Yellow cherry, mulling spice, mandarin,
pearl jasmine tea and a beautiful panela/cocoa bittersweetness. Finishes
very clean. Good for espresso.
- Papua New Guinea Bauka Plantation <https://goo.gl/9vQg6g> - An intense
cup, depth of sweetness and fruited accents, honey to molasses, pineapple
glaze, guava and fruit teas. Accents of baking spices, black tea, and peach
- Hawaii Kona Kowali Farm Typica <https://goo.gl/IfLL3u> - Brighter cup
than in the past, grapefruit and Meyer lemon accents and crowning
wildflower note. Extremely balanced, with elegant honey and cane sugar
sweetness. Nice mild espresso.
- Ethiopia Dry Process Wollega Leka Wato <https://goo.gl/yuXQIH> - Intense
sweetness to be found in this dry process coffee, tart berry and sweet jam
flavors, pulpy citrus, bittersweet cocoa and caramel. Finishing flavors
remind me of "Coffee Nib" candies. Good for espresso.
- Costa Rica Jardin de Aromas -Quizarra <https://goo.gl/O923az> - Solid
muscovado sweetness, powdered Dutch cocoa, malted barley, dried cherry and
golden raisin. Fruited tones are soft and define the acidity. FC roasts
build cocoa bittersweetness. Good for espresso.

*Byron Dote*

Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.

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