[Homeroast] Moka kadir roasting in Behmor

Jamie Dolan jamiedolan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 16:01:17 CST 2016

> How does your roast look? Isn't too much acidity typically a sign of under
> roasting? I let the moka kadir go to the point where small spots of oil
> emerge after roasting on a few of the beans. Late FC+ heading toward
> Vienna?
> https://legacy.sweetmarias.com/library/content/using-sight-determine-degree-roast
> .
> Further than I typically go with single origin.
> Also, having eliminated your grind and brew, do you have some other green
> beans to try out, to see if this is something specific to moka kadir?
> Perhaps a single origin to keep things simple?

I'm thinking I'm right around City+.  no oils on the beans, not that dark,
but darker than the black cat.

Here is a picture that shows my roasts next to Black Cat.


I do have some other green beans around that I could experiment with, but
have not yet.

I've been giving the MK longer to rest, I'm probably going to try it
tomorrow and see how the flavor is about 8 days after roasting.



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