[Homeroast] Moka kadir roasting in Behmor

Ira ira at extrasensory.com
Wed Mar 9 20:33:28 CST 2016

Hello Jamie,

Sunday, March 6, 2016, 6:49 AM, you wrote:

> Is this messing up the flavor of my roast because it takes too long to
> reach 1st crack?  Do I need to do 8 or 12 ounces in 1 pound mode so I
> hit first crack sooner?

Having spent a lot of time watching bean temperature in a Behmor
I might suggest this as an experiment.

260 grams of beans to start, adjust as needed.
Start with P1 B
You may choose to press D to set the drum to high speed.
Then at one minute press P4 to set the power to 75%

Adjust bean qty until you get first crack around 12.5 to 13.5
minutes and then stop it at whatever point in the roast you want.

My PWM frequency is a about 100 times as fast so you'll get
different results but I've been getting pretty decent profiles
with 300 grams and 82-84% power. I only run at high speed
because I currently have no way to control it except on or off.

If you're pleased with that, try adjusting the bean quantity to
speed up or slow down the roast and also try preheating. I
always preheat till the bean temperature in an empty roaster
shows 350, then turn the elements to 100%, and put in the loaded
drum as quickly as possible. You can press B to read the wall
temperature to make your preheat consistent. If you let the B
temperature get past some temperature I don't know, the roaster
will not start until it cools back off.

I've also insulated my roaster and effectively covered the
window with foil to help keep the heat in and speed up the

I can set the power level in 1% increments and find I get the
bet results if I just pick a power level and leave it alone.

The afterburner throws an unknown wrench into the works, worse
if you roast in a cool environment but it seems to have less
effect than I would have expected. I can manually control it and
usually turn it on right about first crack. I roast outside and
the smoke is not a problem.

And I really have no idea if that will work any good on a stock
Plus, but given what I've seen, I think it might.

-- Ira

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