[Homeroast] Moka kadir roasting in Behmor

Jon Currey jon.currey at pobox.com
Sun Mar 6 10:26:43 CST 2016

Hi Jamie

I'm currently drinking moka kadir roasted 7 days ago in my behmor 1600+. I
only ever roast 8oz batches in the behmor. Profile P2, program C, with
default roast time of 14 minutes, is my standard starting point for most
beans. I typically get a roast I like after around 13:30 to 14:30. First
crack somewhere after 11:00 but I pay less attention to that as I like to
get a bit into second before stopping. I've been doing this for about a
year, and it works for most beans I get from Sweet Maria's. But my only
other roasting experience is a few months of stove top (dutch oven and then
whirley pop) so this is just my amateur take. I keep meaning to play with
the manual profiling but put it off as this method gives me shots I'm happy

One other point of note: the behmor is on the end of a 6ft extension power
cable. One of those heavy duty (15 amp) grey ones for appliances. I know
that's not recommended and could be reducing the temperature, but it's the
only way I can roast outside and keep it out of reach of my kids.

Pulling the shots on a circa 1975 La Pavoni with PID mod. I grind on the
finer side for ristretto.

On Mar 6, 2016 6:50 AM, "Jamie Dolan" <jamiedolan at gmail.com> wrote:

> Good Morning!
> After replacing multiple parts in our old Behmor and trouble shooting
> with Behmor (They are very helpful by the way).  It was decided that
> the entire main control board was bad in some way, so my dad just
> bought us one of the new programmable Behmor's.
> Now that I have a Behmor that works right, I'm trying to figure out
> the best way to roast Moka Kadir, for espresso.  I've tried different
> profiles, but the taste doesn't seem to be right.
> My most recent batch, from yesterday, needs to rest for a couple days,
> but I ran 1 pound of Moka Kadir on P1 and it still took right about 16
> minutes to hit first crack.  Ran it just to the start of second crack.
> I picked up a pound of black cat and compared my roast to that and I
> am definitely darker than black cat.  For anyone that is familiar with
> Black Cat, can you tell me what roast you would say that is so I can
> compare?
> Is this messing up the flavor of my roast because it takes too long to
> reach 1st crack?  Do I need to do 8 or 12 ounces in 1 pound mode so I
> hit first crack sooner?
> Thanks,
> Jamie
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