[Homeroast] Moka kadir roasting in Behmor

Jamie Dolan jamiedolan at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 08:49:13 CST 2016

Good Morning!

After replacing multiple parts in our old Behmor and trouble shooting
with Behmor (They are very helpful by the way).  It was decided that
the entire main control board was bad in some way, so my dad just
bought us one of the new programmable Behmor's.

Now that I have a Behmor that works right, I'm trying to figure out
the best way to roast Moka Kadir, for espresso.  I've tried different
profiles, but the taste doesn't seem to be right.

My most recent batch, from yesterday, needs to rest for a couple days,
but I ran 1 pound of Moka Kadir on P1 and it still took right about 16
minutes to hit first crack.  Ran it just to the start of second crack.
I picked up a pound of black cat and compared my roast to that and I
am definitely darker than black cat.  For anyone that is familiar with
Black Cat, can you tell me what roast you would say that is so I can

Is this messing up the flavor of my roast because it takes too long to
reach 1st crack?  Do I need to do 8 or 12 ounces in 1 pound mode so I
hit first crack sooner?



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