[Homeroast] Who am I responding to?!

Scot Murphy deppitybob at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 16:50:01 CDT 2016

To anyone who saw and remembers: A few weeks ago I posted about the amazing find of the Cuisinart 900W (IIIRC), a popper that rivaled the Mark I Poppery in power and ease of use. It has a central single vent, though, where the Poppery had side vents. As a result, I was getting complete roasts in about 3 minutes, which is obviously pretty ludicrous. I was told to use a full half-cup of beans, which is counter-intuitive to using a smaller amount in a smaller chamber. That made good sense, but it overflowed the chamber. The mod there is pretty simple: stick a can into the chamber. Now, I’d been told I would have to stir the beans vigorously for the first couple of minutes. This is difficult because the heat is powerful enough to really scorch your hand, no matter how high it is above the chamber. 

So…I went out to my redbud tree and searched for a pretty much perpendicular branch, so that I could have a central stirrer but keep my hand out of it. I found one that kind of works, but need one that *really* works. That’s eluding me, but the general idea works well. The half-cup idea worked well, too, except that it tends to roast unevenly (mostly because of the heat/stirrer issue). I stretched out my roasting time too about 7 minutes. Maybe I need a lower-wattage popper? There are plenty of cheap ones on the market, including, I’m sure, the Poppery II. I just want one that will complete the roast with enough heat, enough air, and with an on/off switch. Something that will extend the roast, allow me to mod the chamber to allow about 1/2 cups of green beans, and allow me to start after the chamber is loaded and without having to plug/unplug the beastie.

Anyway, for now, this works. To whomever gave me the advice, thank you!

Scot “roasting on the cheap” Murphy

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