[Homeroast] WSJ article on old, stale coffee beans entering the supply chain

Sandy Andina sandraandina at me.com
Wed Jun 15 21:11:44 CDT 2016


Now I know what ends up in those hotel-room drip coffee packs, and why they taste like filter paper. The little packets of Nescafe in European hotel rooms don’t sound so bad after all—being Robusta, they’re probably fresher.
> On Jun 15, 2016, at 9:02 PM, John Nordling <john.nordling at gmail.com> wrote:
> That just about explains the coffee that is provided free to me at my
> office.
> On Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 2:57 PM Phil Palmintere <phil.palmintere at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> In case you missed it:  http://on.wsj.com/1VYgM0C an interesting article
>> in
>> today's Wall St. Journal about old Arabica beans entering the
>> commercial/industrial market (think: vending machine coffee) because the
>> price premium for old Arabica over fresher Robusta has collapsed.
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