[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: 9 new ones including 3 Guatemalas

Brian Kamnetz bkamnetz at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 13:15:19 CDT 2016

Hi Byron,

Can you answer a question? I looked at some of the coffees in this latest
"just added" list. An example of what I am asking about is the very first
one, Guatemala Xinabajul Producers Lote 2. I clicked on the link to go to
the description, which includes this entry: "Arrival Date: September 2015
Arrival". Of course, my question is about the apparent discrepancy between
the "just arrived" email and the listed arrival date of September 2015.

Thanks for your help!



On Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 6:03 PM, Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee <
byron at sweetmarias.com> wrote:

> Hello Everyone. We just added a whole bunch of new coffees. Nine to be
> exact. Also, if you have been waiting for new coffees from Guatemala, it's
> time to start clicking.
> - Guatemala Xinabajul Producers Lote 2 <https://goo.gl/6a4paS> - Caramel
> sugar sweetness, cocoa powder-dusted almonds, stone fruit, apple accent. A
> balanced, big-bodied coffee, and true dual-use option. Good for espresso.
> - Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul Recinos <https://goo.gl/IAKxn2> -
> Bittersweet cocoa tones throughout, ripe pear, chocolate-covered raisin,
> apple chips. A date sugar note in the aftertaste, with layers of Dutch
> cocoa. Good for espresso
> - Guatemala Finca Rosma 'Reserva' <https://goo.gl/WH6bq7> - The aroma of
> Rosma 'Reserva' is like burned sugar and cinnamon sticks, a cup with
> layered sugar sweetness, fresh-to-dried fruit accents: grape, apricot,
> light citrus, and reverberant syrupy chocolate flavors. Great for espresso.
> - Tanzania Tarime Town Peaberry <https://goo.gl/HB2kBr> - This Peaberry is
> a real powerhouse, focused fruit notes, plum jam, orange marmalade, candied
> citrus. Incredibly sweet underneath it all and citrus-like acidity tying it
> all together. Wild espresso.
> - Sulawesi Liang Bai Village <https://goo.gl/8vmFRH> - Sorghum syrup
> sweetness, with fresh fig, plum, and berry notes accent the cup. Cools to a
> chocolate-covered macadamia nut and sorghum syrup flavor in the finish.
> Immense body. Good for espresso.
> - Kenya Nyeri Kagumoini Peaberry <https://goo.gl/7DNpOf> - A vibrant,
> tangy
> cup, with sweet mandarin, citric acidity, tart green apple, boysenberry,
> and red grape. Darker roasts show jammy berry flavors, and are densely
> sweet.
> - Kenya Nyeri Gatura AA <https://goo.gl/WXqYJ1> - Cookie-like aroma, notes
> of brown sugar, raisin, and dried fig. Fruit intensifies as the cup cools,
> grape and even tropical fruits. Refreshing yet moderate tartaric acidity.
> Good Kenyan espresso.
> - Brazil Fazenda Santa Lucia Yellow Bourbon <https://goo.gl/bvjacL> -
> City+
> has unrefined brown sugar, herbaceous aroma, candied almond, macadamia, and
> layered cocoa tones. Big bodied Brazil. Good for Espresso.
> - Brazil Dry-Process Pedra Branca <https://goo.gl/UKdtq8> - A fruited cup,
> offset by layered cacao and roasted nut notes. Cinnamon-spiced banana
> bread, wine grape, maraschino cherry, and green melon accent. Hefty body.
> Good for espresso.
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