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Thanks for sharing your experiences, Scot. It sounds like you are well on
your way.


On Sat, Jun 4, 2016 at 7:35 PM, Scot Murphy <deppitybob at comcast.net> wrote:

> I hope I’m not covering roads already well-traveled, but…
> Recenty, I saved uo the $$ for a Cuisinart CPM-1000. Everything about it
> sounded good: 1500W motor, decent size reservoir/roast chamber, even an
> on-off switch. It had a plastic hood with a butter tray. The one problem I
> saw was that the air came from a singe vent in the center of the botton
> instead of vents along the sides. If I can fix that, I will. If nor, well
> then, oy vey es mir. First try: the beans flew EVERYwhere. All over the
> place. IPlus, I was stirring the beans with a skewer, trying to make sure
> they were roasted evenly. With all the dance they were doing, that was
> unnecessary. I was happy to get one pot out of it.
> Second try: put the plastic hood on top and the butter top on that, hoping
> to restrict the airflow.It only worked partially, in that all the beans
> flowing out the top were now flowing out the front. Not really helpful. I
> tried putting the butter lid back on in the hopes it would slow down the
> air output, but as I kind of expected, things became worse.
> Then I remembered a mod someone else had done to a Poppery, though I
> wasn’t sure if it was Mark I or Mark II. All you needed was an empty steel
> can with both ends cut out. I will spare you the details of trying to find
> the house’s only pair of functioning lid-severing cutters, relying on a
> churchkey, until that proved impossible and the search went on for a proper
> bottomed can. That is to say, I tried a couple of “normal” cans of recent
> design with rounded edges that defied our electric opener. Sure, it opened
> up the tomato juice and the red beans from one end but not the other.
> Useless for my purposes. Finally found a fairly ancient can of pears that
> seemed to fit just right and had a proper bottom, opened them up, and
> pouted the pears into a bowl. (It so happens I love pears, so I figured for
> a snack whilst I roasted. One tentative taste told me they were WAY past
> their sell-by date.) So I cut off both ends, scrubbed it out, and went back
> to work.
> Lucky me—the can fit *exactly* into the chamber where I needed, not too
> long and unstable and not too short and useless. It was the exact right
> height (or so I thought). So, third try: it worked very well at regulating
> the temperature, but beans were still popping out the can, signifying the
> force of air in keeping them in. Oh, what to do, what to do? My eyes alit
> on the mall mesh strainer I had been using to sift the beans and cool them
> down, et viola, it seemed to work. So for the fourth batch, before I hit
> the “on” switch—I love this about the Cuisinart—and had everything in
> place, including the small mesh screen. (Later, I could replace it with
> something more stable. This doohickey is open to all sorts of tinkering to
> those who like to do such things.) This time was the charm. The beans
> danced wildly in the chamber with no interference from me, the screen
> strainer—of just the right diameter as the chamber, maybe a little narrower
> so it will sit properly on the tin can—held in ALL the beans, and at the
> beginning of second crack I took the screen off and ll that rested around
> the base was chaff.
> A little more experimenting needs to be done. Like any popper roaster, it
> hits first and second crack quickly. Now, the instructions and oft-repeated
> coffee wisdom says to NOT use an extension cord for lack of power; maybe
> that’ll help here, delaying the cracks a few seconds and allowing the beans
> to mature in the chamber a bit. At least, SOME kind of mod between first
> and second crack seems obviously needed to keep them separated, at least to
> give some breathing room where a person can tell it’s not just beans
> rattling in the chamber but has actually settled onto second crack. A
> longer lapse into second crack would be a good thing too, though I believe
> this could be done by playing with the on/off switch; obviously a jump
> right from first to second wipes out a lot of the variety of the bean,
> which keeps the unique flavors from developing. When your choice is between
> barely-rosted and burnt, neither are worth it.
> That’s why I’m recommending the Cuisinart CPM-100, currently available on
> Amazon and eBay, each containing their own prices. (I went with Amazon
> because most of the eBay prices were higher. Then I found a bath of “Buy It
> Now” ones at almost $10 less each. SUCKER!) They’re moddable—probably
> easily so for the tinkerer—they seem to be durable, and for the price, they
> can’t be beat. (For the 1/3 to 1/2 cup range,,,!) If you’re a beginner,
> pick one up. It’s a decent replacement for the dearly departed Poppery Mark
> I.
> Scot “where does he get all those wonderful toys?” Murphy
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