[Homeroast] Extreme Measures

Ira ira at extrasensory.com
Thu Jul 28 11:41:56 CDT 2016

Hello Larry,

Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 11:15 AM, you wrote:

> Without disassembly and with the knowledge it is currently dead and can't
> really get worse, what would you do to try to revive it?  In this case, I'm
> specifically referencing clogged lines.

I would certainly try Dezcal or Calcinet. I use Calcinet because
it comes in 1kg cans and my local espresso repair supply carries
it. Also, it's astonishing how much descaling solution it can
take. I descaled a commercial 2 group machine and it took a week
or more and almost 2kg of Calcinet to get rid of the scale. And
I was able to chip a lot of the scale off the heater and inside
of the boiler or it probably would have taken a third kg. If any
water flows it should work. It works much better when it's warm.
I left 1/3 of the 220V element in the boiler hooked up to keep
the water warm the whole time. Descaling is not hard, but if the
pipes are scaled badly on the inside it works a lot better if
you take them out. I stood mine at an angle in a tall stainless pot so
the bubbles would keep the solution circulating in the pipes.

Lastly, it's not uncommon for machines to clog small passages
with small particles of stuff left after descaling.

Where is the machine located?

-- Ira

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