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I highly recommend you check out Clive Coffee and talk to Ben. And HIGHLY
recommend you upgrade to a switchable tank/plumb machine, DB if budget
allows. Many solid machine options and unless getting into profiling machine
really not that much functional differences in $2-3k prosumer machines.  

Once you run plumbed you'll never go back. And it's nice to have the tank
option to take with somewhere like a long weekend at the beach or friends
party or whatever. Oh and plumbed doesn't have to be house water lines. I'm
currently running my Vesuvius plumbed with Flojet drawing from 5 gallon
water bottle to accumulator to machine. Drain plumbed to 2nd water bottle.
I'll be running my Slayer when it finally arrives same way. (Ordered in May,
notified last week my build was done and ready to ship, ETA by end of week

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Has Sweet Maria's all but gotten out of the espresso machine market?  I'm
looking to get a new machine and I only see two on their site. !?!

That said...  I have a budget of $2500 or under to pick up a new machine.
I want it to be something that is highly serviceable.  I'm good with either
HX or dual boiler.  I'm on the fence on whether to do plumbed or
free-standing, with the probability being that I go with free-standing.  I
do a lot of milk based drinks, so steaming quality/performance is important.
I tend to make 2-5 drinks once to twice a day...  I don't mind having to
fill up the reservoir and dump the waste at the beginning/end of each
session, but I shouldn't have to stop in the middle of the 5 drinks.

I have a fair amount of clearance so any machine that isn't crazy tall will
fit.  (I'm replacing a Quick Mill Andreja Premium which fit fine, for

I already have a capable grinder (super jolly in excellent condition), so
that shouldn't be a limiting factor.

Anyone have any machines they recommend for or against?
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