[Homeroast] Homeroasting + Keurig: a marriage that can finally work!

Sandy Andina sandraandina at me.com
Mon Jul 18 16:26:51 CDT 2016

The other day, I was in Target and saw an accessory I decided to try. It’s called an "EZ-Cup," and it allows you to use your own ground coffee in a Keurig brewer. The difference between it and prior refillables like “My K-Cup” is that it doesn’t let grounds & fines escape where they shouldn’t. Unlike its nylon mesh predecessors, it is solid plastic, with a snap-on cap and a spring in the bottom that activates the Keurig’s needle. It comes with capsule-shaped pleated filter-paper liners with flap-tops. You put the liner in the capsule, add ground coffee up to the top, make sure it isn’t overflowing onto the rim of the filter liner, close the flap over the liner, and press the plastic lid on firmly and evenly until it snaps into place. Then place it into the machine like any other K-Cup and proceed normally. I didn’t have any homeroast available, but I used some Metropolis LaCordillera Blend, and it made a nice tasty balanced cup—almost as good as a pourover or Aeropress, but without the latter’s elbow grease (and shoulder strain) or the former’s standing over the cup drizzling water from a kettle for 3 minutes (arm fatigue). Then remove the thing from the brewer, give it a quick cold-water rinse to cool it off enough to hold (or not if you’re tough enough), remove the cap and dump the grounds—neatly contained in the filter—into the trash. Even neater cleanup than an Aeropress.

More and more hotels these days have replaced their “bag-of-sawdust” in-room single-cup brewers with Keurigs. So you can take your homeroast (portable grinder optional), EZ-Cup and filters with you and enjoy a tastier cup than people are paying good money for downstairs in the cafe. 

Peace & Song, 
Sandy Andina

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