[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: Seven new ones plus a new Sample Set

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Thu Jan 28 19:36:04 CST 2016

Hello Everyone,
We just added 7 new coffees including a new workshop blend and a new
Burundi/Rwanda Sample Set. If you are into Guatemalan coffee, this new
batch of coffee is very Guatemala-heavy.

- Single Origin Sample Set: 88+ Burundi-Rwanda <https://goo.gl/kQwlwS> - A
Sample Set highlighting the broad and beautiful cup flavor spectrum in the
coffees of Burundi and Rwanda. Floral, syrupy, fruited, tea-like, baking
spices, acidity: it's all here!
- Timor Suco Estado <https://goo.gl/ABij7P> - Great at light and dark
roasts, bold burned sugars and fruited notes throughout. Molasses sweetness
with berry, plum, tobacco accents, a brightness like underripe strawberry.
Good for espresso.
- Tanzania Mara District Peaberry <https://goo.gl/kkWYtS> - Balances sweet
and bittersweet notes, and features blackberry fruit, Baker's chocolate
bittersweet flavor, and with a spiced accent. Exceeded our expectations at
both light and darker roast levels. Good for espresso.
- Nicaragua Honey Process -San Salvador <https://goo.gl/jvq07f> - Body
you'd expect from honey processing, developed sweetness, toasted barley
notes in middle roasts. Lemon-like acidity, burned sugar, raw nibs, and
aromatic wood finish.
- Guatemala Huehuetenango La Libertad <https://goo.gl/8xOA8F> - Beautiful
acidity at wide range of roasts, with raw sugar and bittersweet cocoa in
balance, top notes of Lipton tea, apple juice, fig, plum, and structuring,
tangy lemon acidity. A syrupy-sweet cup! Incredible espresso.
- Guatemala Huehuetenango Boqueroncito Lot 3 <https://goo.gl/39XIWt> -
Butter toffee, maple bar, walnut and almond, fruit top notes of apple and
dried apricot. Heavier roasts build rich cocoa roast tones, and a coconut
water accent. Great for espresso.
- Guatemala Huehuetenango El Mirador <https://goo.gl/6l53TU> - A coffee
we'd gladly drink daily! Balancing layers of caramelized sugars, green
apple, raisin, date, and a moderate malic acidity. Rolo candies and spice
notes in middle to Full City+ roasts. Good for espresso.
- Espresso Workshop #38 -La Campanita <https://goo.gl/N8C805> - This little
bell still rings clear, with orange to lemon vibrance well in balance with
extremely rich high % dark chocolate layers, subtle fruit tones, and spiced
*Byron Dote*
Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.

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