[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert:...including 3 new ones from Burundi

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Wed Jan 20 21:33:43 CST 2016

Hey Everyone,
We just added six new coffees to the list from Burundi, Ethiopia, Sumatra
and Hawaii. Enjoy!

- Sumatra Wet Processed Gunung Gayo <https://goo.gl/OQuqpo> - Incredibly
unique washed Sumatra, burned sugar, apple, black currant, fruited acidity,
clean finish. Deep roasts have chocolate syrup bittersweet, juicy body,
fruited top notes. Good for espresso.
- Hawaii Kona Moki's Farm <https://goo.gl/qwKleM> - Beautiful silky body,
with sweetness like raw sugar, balanced bittersweetness. Accents of clove
spice and slight florals, mild lemon and orange tea notes.
- Ethiopia Organic -Tencho Cooperative <https://goo.gl/dGp4eh> - Delicious,
ripe fruit, citrus accents, creamed honey and a dusting of bittersweet
cocoa. Refined roast taste and floral citrus and slight jasmine notes.
Moderate acidity. Great Ethiopia espresso.
- Burundi Yagikawa <https://goo.gl/mwV9cn> - Incredible brewed, flavors of
cherry cola, cardamom spice, muscovado sugar, and floral aromatics
highlight this Burundi cup. Such a refined cup profile with pointed finish.
Incredible espresso.
- Burundi Kayanza Mpemba <https://goo.gl/SgmdVy> - Kayanza cups fantastic
at City+ with notes of spiced apple cider (clove and all-spice), and
candied citrus peel. Citrus notes of white grapefruit and a mandarin build
in the cooling cup. Black tea fills out the profile and helps define
acidity too. Good for espresso
- Burundi Busiga Maruri <https://goo.gl/tcibRN> - Beautiful panela
sweetness, citrus oil, black tea, cherry chocolate, mandarin, and stone
fruit: it's all here! Versatile in the roaster, light to middle roasts
showing most brightness. Good for espresso.

*Byron Dote*
Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.

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