[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: Most of these are great for espresso too!

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Fri Jan 15 13:59:48 CST 2016

Hello Everyone! We recently added 5 new coffees to the list. Most of them
are great for espresso. Have a great weekend!

- Colombia Guintar de Anzá Microlot <https://goo.gl/GgNRES> - Juicy cup,
fruited flavors of cooked raspberry and rhubarb, with guava/tropical
accents. Ripe fig and plum in deeper roasts. Soft acidity, but with a
pleasant tart touch.
- Colombia Inzá Pequeños Granjeros <https://goo.gl/29GYJM> - Sparkling
acidity with white peach and grape accents, an underlay honey sweetness.
Beauty from light to dark, Full City brings complex layers of cocoa acidity
still intact. Good for espresso.
- Honduras Corquin -El Pitarillo <https://goo.gl/3DcCgH> - El Pitarillo is
a restrained, balanced cup, brown sugar and cocoa powder flavors. Subtle
raisin and spice top notes. Versatile, takes well to dark roasting. City+
to Vienna. Good for espresso.
- Guatemala Huehuetenango Lote Sanchez <https://goo.gl/E0TeHf> - A
thick-bodied brewed cup, syrupy sweetness, burned sugar, and cacao-like
bittersweet side. Acidity is promising, middle roasts are malic, and
structured. Incredible espresso.
- Rwanda Karongi Gitesi <https://goo.gl/CrqbV3> - Beautifully complex light
to middle roasts, Darjeeling tea, Mexican cocoa, dried apple, nectarine
juice, lemon oil to orange-blossom floral hints. Brews fantastic and clean.
Good for espresso.

*Byron Dote*
Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.

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