[Homeroast] Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Dry Process - Gedeb Asasa

Phil Palmintere phil.palmintere at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 14:29:30 CST 2016

I just opened a bag of "Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Dry Process - Gedeb Asasa" and
roasted a batch for the first time, stopping at the beginning of 2nd crack.

The tasting notes on the sticker say "City to FC+:  Intoxicating ruit,
floral aromatics, lemon-lime, red berry, mango, complex sugars, high % cacao
bar.  Intense espresso."

I made a cup this morning using the Clever Coffee Dripper.  The scent was
scrumptious. Tasting it, however, left trailing notes I could best describe
as "aged dog poop."  

Has anyone else tried this coffee?


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