[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: A very diverse quintet

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Fri Jan 8 20:16:53 CST 2016

Hello Everyone,
We recently added these great new coffees. We think there's something for
everyone here. Have a wonderful weekend!

- Colombia Caicedo -Las Aguacates <https://goo.gl/j7rKkI> - Cooked cherry,
Welch's grape juice, and lemon accents sit well within a caramelized sugar
matrix. Milk-to-semisweet chocolate, along with tartaric impression in the
- Costa Rica La Union Yellow Honey <https://goo.gl/V6GvBp> - A nice mix of
dried fruit and raw sugar flavors makes for a balanced, bodied cup. Dried
unsulfered apricot and peach, demurara sugar, cocoa powder to semi-sweet
chocolate. Good for espresso.
- Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul -Finca Argueta <https://goo.gl/TB8DJW> -
Complex Guatemala, Asian pear, lemon and orange tea, accents of lychee
jelly and pineapple. Raw sugar to honey sweetness, and extremely rich dark
chocolate with roast development. Amazing espresso.
- Sulawesi Enrekang -Liang Bai Village <https://goo.gl/hTnlVh> - Sorghum
syrup sweetness along with subtle fruit notes. Cools to a chocolate-covered
macadamia nut flavor, and lasting bittersweetness. Immense body. Good for
- Timor Ramelau Ainaro-Maubisse <https://goo.gl/tU59kX> - Rustic fruits and
cocoa bittersweetness. Both green and ripe banana, papaya puree, grape-like
brightess, and an aromatic wood hint. Incredible body.
- Ethiopia Kaffa -Michiti Coop <https://goo.gl/QggG8S> - Honeyed sweetness
gives way to top notes of papaya, peach preserves, rose hips, and sweet
basil. Dark berry, stone fruit and cacao-nib undertones at Full City. Great
for espresso.
- Bali Bangli Manikliyu <https://goo.gl/yGhTh9> - Burned sugar sweetness
makes for a balanced cup, background notes of dried cascara cherry and
hibiscus. Cocoa roast tones at deeper roast levels.

*Byron Dote*
Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.

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