[Homeroast] Coffee Consumption

Dave Huddle 137trimethyl26dioxopurine at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 11:34:16 CST 2016

I saw this in Chemical & Engineering News recently.      NOTICE  the last
line of the 2nd paragraph.

"According to a 2010 survey by CareerBuilder and Dunkin’ Donuts, more
physicians and nurses reported needing coffee to keep up their work
productivity compared with other professions. This year, a group of
researchers studied doctors at a Swiss teaching hospital to determine
exactly which physicians consume the most coffee (*Br. Med. J.* 2015, DOI:
10.1136/bmj.h6446) <http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/bmj.h6446>.

The hospital’s canteens use an electronic payment system linked to ID
badges and provide a 45% discount to staff. The researchers, led by
Karlmeinrad Giesinger of Kantonsspital St. Gallen, connected the payment
database—which records type of coffee, time of sale, and number of products
purchased—to a human resources database to identify purchasers by
profession, medical specialty, position, gender, and age. The analysis
excluded vending machine purchases. “Although these beverages do contain
caffeine we believe this brew does not merit the name coffee,” the
researchers write.

The full data set showed that 644 doctors purchased a total of 70,772
coffees in 2014, or an overall average of 110 per person. Orthopedic
surgeons purchased the most, at 189 per person. “This suggests either that
their ‘work hard/play hard/drink hard’ persona extends to hospital
canteens, highlighting their productivity, or that they have too much time
to kill and can be found hanging out in cafeterias,” the researchers

Anesthetists purchased the least, at 39 per person. They “might be too busy
to find their way to the coffee outlets, though a more likely explanation
for their rare sociable appearances is that they have set up their own
coffee machines in the [operating] theatre suites,” the authors write.

Giesinger and colleagues end the paper by thanking “the wonderful cafeteria
staff for lovingly preparing our black medicine every day.”"

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