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Wed Feb 24 17:02:45 CST 2016

I will weigh in with my uneducated 2 cents.

My reading of the article was that the author believes that the espresso he
had when in his homeland was better than the espresso here (here being the
US), and we're all doing it wrong.  We should be pulling half the volume,
using mass market cheapo beans, and dirty (i.e. well seasoned) equipment,
etc . . .because that's what he loves and grew up on, and has been told his
whole life was the one and only true coffee.

In a place like Italy, where traditions go back hundreds (sometimes
thousands) of years, that's all well and good, but here, we don't have
that.  We are still young and still figuring out what we like best.  (note:
I didn't say what IS best).  I would never go to Istanbul and tell the
folks there that they are making coffee wrong because they're not making
espresso, and moreover, they're not making espresso the way my homeland
makes espresso.  I've had espresso in a few parts of Italy (it's been years
though), and it was mostly pretty good, but not always.  (I was also not
nearly as interested in coffee as I am now).  I've had really great (in my
opinion) espresso in Minneapolis, but again, not always.

Anyways, it reads to me like an opinion piece written by someone who is
quite proud of his heritage and is perhaps not open to the idea that there
could be more than one best way to make coffee.


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