[Homeroast] Why is espresso in America so bad? Italian perspective

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Wed Feb 24 16:28:10 CST 2016

Not all of the brands specifically listed in the original article are 
robusta based blends. Each of the 3 brands listed has at least 1 100% 
aribaca based blend. They are all blends of central American coffee 
primarily and have either the light northern roast level or the darker 
southern roast level. I doubt that none of those 3 brands listed has 
what would qualify as 3rd wave roast level in their offerings though.

On 02/24/2016 01:03 PM, Andy Thomas wrote:
> I don't have first-hand knowledge of coffee culture in either Italy or the Bay area, but it seems to me the author simply likes what he is used to; probably Brazil-based blend with some robusta, roasted dark, and perhaps sweetened with sugar. Lots of Americans drink Folgers or Nescafe or similar for the same reason. Furthermore, American coffee culture is still in flux compared to that in Italy. Traditions are not as firmly established and lots more experimentation takes place here: different blends, different extraction techniques, etc. Marietti can stick with what is tried-and-true for him if he wants to. I don't necessarily like all the whacky things American -- or Australian, Japanese, or British -- coffee people come up with, but I appreciate the spirit of exploration. And sometimes they (we?) actually make improvements, IMO.
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> This Rome native transplanted to San Francisco critiques and analyzes US coffee.
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