[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: Ten New Coffees

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Thu Feb 11 21:47:21 CST 2016

Hello Everybody.
We just added a lot of new coffee. Ten to be exact. We hope you can handle
all the new-ness.

- Bali Panelokan Village <https://goo.gl/Uryt63> - Balanced flavors, layers
of raw sugars, baked sugar bittersweetness, dried apple, walnut, and baking
spice. A clean Indo coffee, finishing with herb tea accents.
- Brazil Dry-Process Fazenda Furnas <https://goo.gl/KkfIu2> - Big fruited
cup, ripe cherry, strawberry, banana bread, and green melon accent, with
cocoa and nut tones dulling the edges a bit. Big bodied coffee. Good for
- Brazil Fazenda do Sertao <https://goo.gl/N1xpZE> - Layered sugar and nut
tones come off like sweetened almond milk, or hazelnut syrup. Brooding
chocolate roast tones and aromatic wood accents. Good for espresso.
- Honduras Santa Elena de La Paz <https://goo.gl/ovMk9K> - Great for fans
of dark roasting, Full City and Full City+ showcasing layered cocoa roast
tones, moderate level of raw sugars, and aromatic cedar aroma. Good for
espresso blending too.
- Panama Boquete Camiseta Estate <https://goo.gl/bZxqRR> - Middle roasts
develop rock-solid sweetness, reverberating long in the aftertaste. Flavors
of caramel and butter pecan, and mouth-cleansing, balanced acidity.
Definitely a coffee we'd drink every day.
- Colombia Inzá Veredas Vecinos <https://goo.gl/dy6i5r> - Middle roasts
show persistent raw to pectin sugar sweetness, notes of cooked papaya and
sweetened yam. Cocoa builds at deeper roasts. Great for espresso.
- Ethiopia Guji Mauz Sini <https://goo.gl/QDjvXK> - Lilac to jasmine
florals, fruit accents of tangerine, pomegranate, and peach tea. Sparkling
acidity, lasting raw sugar sweetness. Great Ethiopia espresso.
- Ethiopia Misraq Harar SWP Decaf <https://goo.gl/KeBSFq> - Fruit-forward
decaf, papaya, stone fruit, berry, and durian. Herbaceous, horehound and
sarsaparilla. Close to the non-decaf. Good for espresso.
- Mexico Org. Celso Garcia Coop <https://goo.gl/BjNa4h> - Unequivocal brown
sugar sweetness counters bittering cocoa tones, with roasted almond and
pecan nut accents. Good for espresso.
- Papua New Guinea Bauka Plantation <https://goo.gl/0HZp9W> - Weighty on
the palate, helping make apple and plum convincing. Black tea and
semi-sweet to high % cacao bar. Sorghum syrup and molasses sweetness
throughout. Great Indo espresso.

*Byron Dote*

Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.

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