[Homeroast] Hooray for the Flair espresso maker

Barbara C. Greenspon lilysownahmah at greensponassociates.com
Fri Dec 23 20:15:56 CST 2016

Just wanted to let the list know that we received our Flair today from Sergio Landau, the inventor, via Kickstarter.

It took us just two tries to make a fabulous espresso (in this case with Sweet Maria’s Donkey Blend).  Using the instructions included with the machine as well as the summary by John Nanci, it was simple and fun and fast and delicious!

I am so glad to have read about this on this list and for the fun experience of being a supporter and early early adopter!  I have never participated in a Kickstarter project (or anything like it) before.  So, hooray!

Barbara Greenspon

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