[Homeroast] FW: +Twelve roasts of Christmas

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Sat Dec 17 21:20:43 CST 2016

> I want to update this. How many of these coffees still show up regularly?

The non-specific or regional names are seen regularly - Guat Huehue
(perrenial favorite here), PNG (somehow I still haven't tried one of
these), Costa Rica Tarrazu.  And I'm not positive there's been one
*every* year since I first tried a funky Yemen in 2010 (?), but Mokha
Ismaili is definitely a repeat offender, both on the list and in my
stash.  :-)

Oh, except for St. Helena.  IIRC that was already a "will we ever see
coffee from there ever again?" years ago.

Searching a pretty complete list of offerings from a bit more than a
year (Sep 2015 seems to be the oldest timestamp), I did find one,
Ka'anapali Maui Mokha, because I was too lazy to search for more than
just "Maui".  None of the other names - Berlina, Angelia, Salimba,
Shinzan, or Bugisu matched, though that last one looks familiar. 
Hmmm...  Oh, nor the Koa Kona.  None of those names found in the less
complete (a few gaps) data that goes back to early 2013, either.

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that can't be typed by a particular type system but which nevertheless don't
"go wrong" at runtime ...  They're just fine.  -- Simon Peyton-Jones

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